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Yoshino Gypsum Co., Ltd.

Section Unlisted Sector CONSTRUCTION & MATERIALS Sales
1% Profit 13% Score B
Sales 115,695 125,266 120,805 119,192 121,451
Operating Income 15,775 14,997 15,766 15,908
Operating Income 0% 13% 12% 13% 13%

(Consolidated)(M yen)

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Established 1901
No. of employees 880
Mission - Eco-friendly production through use of byproduct of plaster and reuse of used paper

- Product creating a better life through fire protestance and insulation of sound and heat.

The name of the comnay is origineated to Yoshino mine where they mined the raw material of plaster products. Now they are the biggest producer of plaster board in Japan who has 80 % market share.
Business summary 90% of their sales is made from plaster board.
They have been keeping a stable supply and an incredibly high market share with about 20 production sites and countless logistic points which belong to them, while holding stocks of several big wholesalers.

There are only 2 producers of plaster board in Japan, whose other is Chiyoda Ute, and the share has been balanced at 80:20 since long time.
Future plan Although they are keeping 80% market share, the market size itself has been fluctuateing with the move of new building starts.

The volume of use of plaster board per surface of floor in non-residential building has been increasing.
However, considering 75% of total applications of plaster board is residential building and the new residential starts is supposed to continuously decrease, the market of plaster board is estimated to shrink.

Thus, Yoshino Gypsum is now focusing on getting shares in South East Asian markets.
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