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Linical Co.,Ltd.

Section 1st Section Sector IT & SERVICES, OTHERS Sales
36% Profit 22% Score A
Sales 3,721 4,872 7,666 8,355 9,113
Operating Income 706 876 2,012 2,128 1,846
Operating Income 19% 18% 26% 25% 20%

(Consolidated)(M yen)

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Established 2005
No. of employees 830
Mission 'To promote the greater wellbeing of all our stakeholders — patients, business partners, shareholders, and employees — we strive constantly to offer professional, high-quality services to support all aspects of new drug development.'

Linical was founded in Osaka in 2005 by members who had been in charge of R&D in Fujisawa Pharmaceutical when Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical and Fujisawa Pharmaceutical were merged and become Astellas Pharma.

Only 3 years after the foundation, they have opened a branch in USA and were listed in 1st section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange 8 years after the foundation.

Even after that, they have been developing overseas market like Taiwan, South Korea and Europe sometimes by M&A.
Business summary Linical is a company which carries out a part of the work involved in the clinical trials process of pharmaceutical product development and post-marketing clinical studies, or that support such work, on behalf of pharmaceutical companies, known as CRO (Contract Research Organization).

Comparing to the competitors, their strength is to offer precise and quick service, while they limit their target customers into major pharmaceutical companies and their business segments into quality management and consulting.
Future plan While the ratio of outsourcing from pharmaceutical companies to CROs is over 50 % in Europe and America, the one in Japan is still around 25 % and they assume that there are big margin to be developed in Japan.

And Linical is aiming to enlarge their solutions as consultant in the pharmaceutical market by not only supporting the clinical trials and the post-marketing studies but also the development of products.
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