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Section 1st Section Sector IT & SERVICES, OTHERS Sales
2% Profit 3% Score C
Sales 82,602 87,216 87,216 89,953 88,768
Operating Income 2,224 1,767 1,767 2,633 3,240
Operating Income 3% 2% 2% 3% 4%

(Consolidated)(M yen)

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Established 1994
No. of employees 1630
Mission 'Create new values for the next generation'

Opt was founded in 1994 as company of Fax and telephone marketing.

They fully entered in internet advertisement segment in 2000, and has become No.1 agency of internet advertisement in Japan in 2006.
Business summary Opt is an agency of internet advertisement for companies all over Japan.

Comparing to other agencies, they have developed multiple own tools like for the measurement of the effect of advertisement and automatization of marketing, and gained not only big customers but also local and middle or small-size customers.

As for their financial results, the sales has been steadily growing but the operating profit is not so high as around 3 % for the agency of advertisement.

One of that reason could be the over volume of human resources which is 1,600 employees for 87 B yen sales.
Future plan In addition to the existing advertisement business, they are trying to develop new businesses like venture capital, the development of AI and the advertising business in China.

In order to achieve that, they plan to invest large amount of money to the new business and the support of digital shift of customers, and aim to be a leading company in digital industry.
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