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MonotaRO Co.,Ltd.

Section 1st Section Sector RETAIL TRADE Sales
32% Profit 13% Score S
Sales 57,563 69,647 88,347 109,553 131,463
Operating Income 7,087 9,493 11,837 13,790 15,839
Operating Income 12% 14% 13% 13% 12%

(Consolidated)(M yen)

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Established 2000
No. of employees 480
Mission 'Innovate the network of materials' distribution'

MonotaRO was founded with a financial support of Sumitomo Corporation and Grainger International which is an American distribution company.

The construction products or machinery for professionals used to be sold through complex sales channels in Japan, but MonotaRO got them simple and quick by the online direct supply and the database marketing.
Business summary 70 % of their customers are professionals working in construction, manufacturing and automobiles sectors, and they sell around 17 M SKUs in 2018.

The sales has been growing at more than 30 % year on year, and the number of accounts of customers does almost the same move.

The total number of accounts in 2018 is 3.4 M.

This significant growth is based on the efficient acquisition of new customers by the listing advertisement with the accumulated database of customers, and the improvement of service for existing customers by the shortening of lead time with the automation of supply chain.
Future plan MonotaRO plans to focus on the net increase of accounts with the database marketing, the improvement of conversion rate in the site and the efficiency of supply chain.

Especially on the supply chain, they are adapting the autonomous transport robots and the projection mapping systems which show the information of products on the racks and improves the accuracy of picking.
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