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Samty Co.,Ltd.

Section 1st Section Sector REAL ESTATE Sales
31% Profit 17% Score S
Sales 38,458 52,409 60,479 84,274 85,552
Operating Income 5,932 8,586 10,131 14,033 15,395
Operating Income 15% 16% 17% 17% 18%

(Consolidated)(M yen)

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Established 1982
No. of employees 200
Mission 'Realization of dreams'

Samty was founded in Osaka as trader of real estate.

Since the beginning, they have been concentrating on products for the investment, while selling the apartments in lots or for rent.

They also have acquired some companies like in hotel segment and in asset management segment, and enlarged their business portfolio.
Business summary Samty is a company which widely covers the value chains in real estate business, like buying the land, planning the building, selling and maintaining.

One of their subsidiary, which is called Samty Residential Investment, is especially the core of the group's business, managing the real estate of the group and increasing their profitability.

Their development of assets is well circulating, and the sales in 2018 was 84 B yen which is about 8 times more than in 2012.
Future plan The real estate market is estimated to be unclear because of the decrease of the total population in Japan, the aging society and the instability of the world economics.

Samty is now shifting their business style from the one of P/L, where they pursue the temporal profit, to the one of B/S, where they do the productivity and the stability.

Thus, they aim to get 20 B yen of annual operating profit in 2021, by accumulating the assets in the investment company in the group and insourcing more works in the group.
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