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UNIZO Holdings Company,Limited

Section 1st Section Sector REAL ESTATE Sales
26% Profit 33% Score S
Sales 27,668 32,385 39,586 52,462 56,053
Operating Income 8,813 10,605 13,802 17,570 17,622
Operating Income 32% 33% 35% 33% 31%

(Consolidated)(M yen)

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Established 1959
No. of employees 400
Mission Unizo is doing its business in the real estate market and the hotel one, and the name of the company comes from the policy which is Universal and Zone for the real estate segment and Unique and Zone for the hotel segment.
Business summary Three quarters of Unizo's total sales comes from the real estate business, and a quarter from the hotel one.

As for the real estate, they are targeting only at metropolitans which are Tokyo, New York, Washington D.C., and they have about 100 buildings in total and earn from the lease and the management.

And as for the hotel, they have around 20 buildings in Japan with three brands: Hotel Unizo for high price, Unizo Inn for middle price, and Unizo Inn Express for low price.
Future plan Keeping their operating profit over 30 %, they aim to continue their rapid growth of sales with the same strategy in the two segments by increasing the number of their own buildings.

For the hotel, they are especially focusing on the foreign tourists and investing on the equipment and the education of their employees for that with more low price hotels 'Unizo Inn Express'.
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