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LINE Corporation

Section Prime Sector IT & SERVICES, OTHERS Sales
22% Profit 4% Score A
Sales 120,406 140,704 167,147 207,182 227,485
Operating Income 1,960 19,897 25,078 16,110 -38,997
Operating Income 2% 14% 15% 8% -17%

(Consolidated)(M yen)

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Established 2000
No. of employees 1,700
Mission 'Closing the distance'

LINE is a company which a Korean internet service company 'NAVER' founded in Japan, and it mainly offered online games with the company name 'Han Game Japan'.

At the beginning, they have tried to develop SNS or search engine besides online games, but didn't make them happen.

In 2011 when the great earthquake attacked Japan, they felt the needs for a new communication tool between friends and families, and launched the service of LINE.

In 2013, they have even changed the company name to the service name 'LINE', and now the company LINE's sales is more than half of the total ones of NAVER group.
Business summary The apps LINE has become very famous and common in Japan as mobile messenger, and about 50 % of their sales comes from the revenue of the advertising business.

This is shown in the timeline or news page in the apps and the type of programmatic advertising with which you can change the bidding price or the targeting customer in real time has been especially growing since 2016.

Besides, they have launched various kinds of services relating to the daily life like Manga, music, shopping and delivery of foods, and each service has been growing constantly.
Future plan As for their next planning, they set 3 important goals which are the continuous growth of the advertising, the investment to Fintech and that to AI.

About Fintech, they are seeking to launch the service of asset management, loan financing and insurance in collaboration with LINE Pay which is a service of transfer and settlement and has already been working.

About AI, they are looking for the next device after smartphone through smart speaker with various functions.

They are already used to make partnership, invest or acquire the other companies in the other sectors for the launch of new service, and it would be sure that they will take the same way to start Fintech and AI.
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