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AGC Inc.

Section 1st Section Sector CONSTRUCTION & MATERIALS Sales
4% Profit 7% Score A
Sales 1,326,293 1,282,570 1,463,532 1,522,904 1,518,039
Operating Income 71,172 96,292 119,646 120,555 101,624
Operating Income 5% 8% 8% 8% 7%

(Consolidated)(M yen)

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Established 1907
No. of employees 54000
Mission 'Be always an important part of the world'

AGC (Asahi Glass Corporation) was founded in 1907 by Toshiya Iwasaki who was a nephew of Yataro Iwasaki, founder of Mitsubishi group.

AGC has had the 1st success in Japan in the industrial production of flat glass, and started their business in China in 1925.

After that, they have continued to launch their production sites all over the world with the growing demand of construction and automobile.

Now, they have reached the biggest share in the glass market in the world for both construction and automobile.
Business summary Although AGC is No.1 glass manufacturer in the world, the contribution of the glass segment to the total sales is only 50 %.

Other 30 % is from the chemistry segment (alkali, urethane, fluorine and medicine) and 15 % from the electronics segment (glass for the liquid crystal).

In terms of the operating profit, the glass segment has barely 3 % because of the intense competition with Chinese competitors. On the other hand, the chemistry segment has reached 15 % with the rising price.
Future plan In the middle and long term, they will try to increase the sales by reinforcing the production capacity of glass in developing countries like Brazil, Indonesia and Morocco.

At the same time, they will sustain and increase the operating profit by 3 business which are mobility (display in automobiles), electronics (materials for semiconductor) and life science (medicine).

The target of the operating profit is set on 230 B yen in 2025 which is about twice more than that in 2018.
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