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Section 1st Section Sector MACHINERY Sales
53% Profit 6% Score S
Sales 160,728 374,290 376,631 429,664 501,248
Operating Income 9,357 39,968 1,961 29,391 36,261
Operating Income 6% 11% 1% 7% 7%

(Consolidated)(M yen)

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Established 1948
No. of employees 4,200
Mission 'Offer creative, accurate and tough products at the best service and cost'

DMG Mori was founded in Nara prefecture as manufacturer of textile machines.

They started to shift to machine tools for precision parts around 1960 and capital alliance with a german company DMC in 2009 which was also big manufacturer of machine tools in the world.

They completely merged the 2 companies in 2015, and became the biggest manufacturer in that market in the world.
Business summary Their customers are also manufacturers who need precision parts like for heavy industry, automobile and aircraft, and the total sales is now around 500 B yen.

As for the repartition of regions, each of Japan, US and Germany has 20 % of the total sales, and the rest 40 % comes from the other foreign regions.

While the world-wide market size of machine tools has been fluctuating for these years between 8 and 9 T yen, DMG MORI has been steadily growing their business.
Future plan Their main targets are more accurate processing with 5 axes, development of software managing the process and the operating efficiency of customers' site and automatic system combining several machine tools.

They are especially focusing on development of automatic system , and trying to sell a whole package of production line to customers, while forecasting that 80 % of the total sales will be of this system in 2030.
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