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Nintendo Co.,Ltd.

Section Prime Sector IT & SERVICES, OTHERS Sales
65% Profit 21% Score S
Sales 489,095 1,055,682 1,200,560 1,308,519 1,758,910
Operating Income 29,362 177,557 249,701 352,370 640,634
Operating Income 6% 17% 21% 27% 36%

(Consolidated)(M yen)

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Established 1947
No. of employees 5,500
Mission To let everyone related to Nintendo smile and be happy

Mr. Yamauchi created the origin of the company as manufacturer of Japanese card game: Hanafuda in 1889.

And Nintendo was founded in 1947 and started to manufacture playing cards.

Since 1970s, they have started to concentrate on development of game console, and launched Family Computer in 1983, Super Mario brothers and Gameboy in the latest 1980s.

Through these products, they have obtained world-wide recognition and fame.

Business summary Nintendo has had up and down on their sales and profits through developing game consoles and software.

Until now, they have launched successful consoles about once in 10 years, like Game Boy, Wii and Nintendo DS, which have been sold 100 M units for each in the world.

Their turnover has once nearly reached 2 T yen, but dropped and stagnated in around 0.5 T yen, and come back in 1 T yen in 2018 with a success of Nintendo Switch.

Their operating income has also been fluctuating in the red and black, but we can see their aggressive management style of one of the most innovative companies.

Future plan They try to stabilize the growth through enriching related equipment and software around Nintendo Switch which has had a great success in the latest decade.

On the other hand, they are also developing games for smart devices for consumers who don't have designated consoles.

Moreover, they will diversify the business, using their original characters for theme parks, visual contents and goods.

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