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Section 1st Section Sector IT & SERVICES, OTHERS Sales
7% Profit 13% Score A
Sales 256,824 250,394 271,276 260,527 332,532
Operating Income 31,295 38,176 24,635 32,759 47,226
Operating Income 12% 15% 9% 13% 14%

(Consolidated)(M yen)

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Established 1975
No. of employees 4600
Mission 'Contribute to the happiness of the people all over the world through offering them the best Story'

Square Enix is a merger of the 2 biggest Japanese game companies: Enix which was founded in 1975 and Square founded in 1996. This M&A has been done in 2003.

They have also acquired Taito in 2005 who was a Japanese top brand of arcade game, and grown to the company offering various entertainment contents to the world.
Business summary Each of Enix and Square has strong brand with big-hit series like Dragon Quest for Enix and Final Fantasy for Square.

Actually, the percentage of the digital entertainment business in their total sales, which is concerned to video games, is around 80 %, and it is far bigger than other businesses which are the amusement for arcade game, the publication of comics and the rights property for their characters.

The sales of each business tends to depend on whether new titles in this year have good result, but their total sales has been increasing steadily since these 7 years.
Future plan The proportion of the sales through digital distribution has been growing in the business of digital entertainment, and they plan to shift more to the digital.

As for the region of sales in the world, about 80 % of the total number of sold titles goes to EU and U.S., 15 % to Japan, and the rest 5 % to other Asia. It can be said that they have not made it to enter in Korean and Chinese market, although they should be huge.

Leaving the potential of Asian market, they are going to keep this attribution of development which dedicates to EU and U.S.
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