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Purpose of this web site

  •  To enable people to find a suitable company for each own purpose: job hunting, investment or joint business

Information on this web site

  •  The information are collected from companies’ reports or statements of accounts.
  •  Sales and operating income are the ones of consolidated accounts.
  •  Year of sales and operating income corresponds to when the settlement was done.
     So, the result of settlement in 2017 appears in figures 2017, no matter which month it was settled.

Terms on this website

  • Sales

    It shows the earnings through products or services in company’s core business.
    The unit is million Japanese yen.

  • Operating income

    Subtraction of costs of goods sold, labor and other day-to-day expenses from sales.It shows the profitability of company’s core business.
    The unit is million Japanese yen.

  • Sales growth

    Compound annual growth rate of sales of the last 5 years

  • Profitability

    Average operating income of the last 5 years

  • Score

    The latest sales, the sales growth and the profitability are evaluated in 7 levels, and the score is given through the average of the 3 evaluations with S, A, B, C, or D.

  • Average Salary

    It shows the average annual salary of employees including tax, bonus and other allowances. The number is of unconsolidated account.

  • Average Age

    It shows the average age of unconsolidated account.

Legal notice

  • The intellectual property rights of this website are the sole property of the writer of this website.
  • The writer of this website accepts no responsibility for any damage, direct or indirect, whatever the cause, origin, nature or consequence.