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Privacy policy

The site “Bridging” respects the Japanese law 57, which is in force since May 30th 2003, and other related ordinances about the protection of personal information, and try to treat customers’ personal information properly and protect their privacy. On purpose of protection of personal information, the site defines the privacy policy about the treatment of personal information in the following.

    1. Definition of personal information

    Personal information means the address, the name, the telephone number, the e-mail address and any other things which can identify the person.

  • 2. Purpose of usage of personal information

    When the site collects customers’ personal information, the purpose of collection, the inquiry contact and the range where the site presents the information are clearly informed. The information is not be treated beyond the range to fulfil the purpose without consent of the customer.

  • 3. Acquisition of personal information

    The site acquires personal information in legal and fair way.

  • 4. Accuracy of personal information

    The site tries to remain the information accurate and new.

  • 5. Measurement of safety

    The site takes the measurement to prevent the information from leaking disappearing or being damaged

  • 6. Control of employees and affiliated companies

    The site educates and controls its employees about the treatment of personal information, takes the proper measurement to affiliated companies which receive personal information.

  • 7. Provision to the third party

    The site does not provide personal information without the consent of the person except the following cases.
    A. when the site requests of the third party the treatment of the information to fulfil the purpose of usage
    B. when the site respects the law

  • 8. Inquiries about personal information

    The site reacts properly and rapidly for the treatment of personal information under the law. The identification of the person with driving license, insurance card or passport is needed for inquiries.

  • 9. Change of privacy policy

    This privacy policy may change without notice in revision of the law or by judgement of the site. The renewed policy is published on this site in this case.

    April 1st 2018